Carolyn S. Combs, M.S.

Author - Sharing Nature with Children

About Me

Carolyn Combs
My sister and me with our duck, Lucky.
That's me, hugging Lucky.
I grew up in picturesque Peterborough, NH, surrounded by mountains.
I was the shy kid who:
  • Begged to be left at the Friendly Farm, where children could mingle with goats and sheep and pigs and even let calves suck on their fingers.
  • Loved to be outdoors, playing pretend in the forest or by the beaver pond behind our house.
  • Experimented with grafting branches from one kind of tree onto another kind.
  • Was a bookworm - favorites included Blueberries for Sal and The Black Stallion series, wildlife magazines, and libraries.
  • Caught the horseback-riding bug and never recovered.
  • Dreamed of working with primates in Africa like Jane Goodall and Dian Fossey, but was practical and studied molecular biology instead, earning a B.S. from Cornell and an M.S. from UMBC.

Carolyn Combs
With Belgian draft horses at a local apple orchard.
Now I live in central Michigan where the skies are big and beautiful.
I'm a curious adult who:
  • Worked in laboratories at universities and companies on a wide range of projects from how the immune system might be prompted to fight cancer to how signals travel from the cell membrane to the nucleus.
  • Re-discovered a love of children's books after I had my son.
  • Is thrilled to be marrying my love of children's books with my passion for animals, research and lively nonfiction writing.
  • Reads and thinks about animals' inner lives, their thoughts and feelings, and how they communicate.
  • Married an entrepreneurial scientist from India, traveled there several times, and saw monkeys at temples, plus camels and cows on the streets of Bangalore.
  • Hopes to go on an African safari one day, but appreciates the white-tailed deer and all the other creatures in my backyard and strives to protect them and to share them with children.