Carolyn S. Combs, M.S.

Author - Sharing Nature with Children

Welcome To My Nature Blog, Walking With Aspen.

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´╗┐Aspen is our family dog and a delightful walking companion. Every week we hike together in the central Michigan area, occasionally traveling further afield. We explore parks, nature centers, trails, and any wild area without a "no dogs" sign. While Aspen explores with his exemplary canine sense of smell, I explore mostly with my eyes, but also try to listen closely, pause to touch things, and at least take deep sniffs every once in a while. We never fail to find something new or different or captivating, and I always come away refreshed and relaxed. Often I'm curious about something we've noticed, and so I do a bit of research to build up my knowledge of the natural world. I hope by sharing my observations, photos, sound recordings, and findings, you'll share in the peace, rejuvenation, and wonder that only nature brings.